Welcome Party 26th at Parken!

2010-08-23. Published in What's Going On?
by yining

Alright First event of the year!

--Welcome party for all international students in Gothenburg!

Tickets are limited and are the only way to ensure entrance.
Around 23:00 we will open up the door for paying guests without a ticket so be on time before that! The ticket price is INCLUDING the cloak room (to hang your jacket, coat etc, standard procedure in Sweden) to avoid a long line at the door.

To buy tickets contact the international office of your student union i.e. CIRC in Chalmers.

For Chalmers Students:
In Chalmers, the tickets will be sold for 60 SEK on Tuesday 2010 Aug 24 at 12.00 to 13.00 in front of the CIRC office in the third floor of the student union building.

For students at Gothenburg University or Handels:
Tickets will be sold for all students at Gothenburg University at the ESS office (the international office) on Wednesday - all day, but get your ticket in time! The tickets cost 60kr. It's going to be awesome!

Last year more than 500 students attended the first night at Parken ;) marking a great start of the Erasmus Year! Get your tickets now!

// GISA, Chalmers, Intu