Saturday Special: Earth Hour 2011

2011-03-26. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

Show that you are concerned about the environment and turn off your lights for an hour on Saturday 26th of March at 8:30 pm!

Earth Hour is a global initiative started by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and is held on the last Saturday in March every year. In 2007, households, companies and public buildings in Sydney turned off their lights in order to raise awareness to get involved in actions on climate change. From Sydney this event spread all over the world and in 2010 over 120 countries participated. According to WWF half of all households in Sweden turned off their lights for the Earth Hour in 2010.

On Saturday, a lot of households but also companies and public institutions in Gothenburg are taking part. Handelshögskolan, the main building of Gothenburg’s University and the Psychology institution will, for example, remain dark for an hour on Saturday. Outside of Gothenburg, in Sweden and around the world, the lights of some famous buildings will be turned off, including the Sydney Opera House, Stockholm’s castle, Times Square in New York and Beijing’s Olympic Stadium “Bird’s nest”.

Ideas how to spend the Earth Hour:

  • Meet with your friends and share spooky stories in the dark

  • Have a romantic candle light dinner

  • Take a walk around town and see who is participating

  • SMHI promises clear skies and sunset at 6:36PM, so if you can find a good spot, you can either enjoy a view of the first shimmering stars in the early night sky, or a beautiful, deep blue horizon showcasing the last remaining natural light of the soon to be sleeping sun.

Ideas for a more environmental friendly lifestyle
Of course, turning off the lights for one hour at exactly 8:30PM on the last Saturday of March every year still leaves 364 days and 23 hours. Naturally, it can be difficult to work in complete darkness, and let’s face it, with the late sunrises and early sunsets of the Swedish Winter, you can’t spend all those dark hours asleep. But you can turn off the lights in rooms where no-one is at the moment, and all those electronic devices left on stand-by can be shut down completely in order to save quite a bit of electric power.

For further information on the Earth Hour of 2011, check out the official website:

/Sera and Nils, team 2011