Saturday Special: Clothes Exchange Day

2011-04-09. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

Today you have the chance to exchange clothes. Yes, that's right, for today is Sweden's biggest 'clothes exchange' day. The day is organized but the Nature Protection association (my translation of 'Naturskyddsföreningen) as an initiative to support the protection of the environment from the strain caused by heavy clothes consumption. 46 towns and cities in Sweden participate, with GOthenburg, of course, being one of them.

Here in Gothenburg you can go to Lagerhuset (Heurlins Plats 1). They accept clothes between 10-12 in the morning, and after 1:30pm. The exchange takes place between 1-4PM. The maximum exchange limit is five peices of clothing.

If you are interested in exchanging some clothes, the organizers ask that you should make sure the clothes are in good condition, clean and easy to try on. Accessories and shoes may also be brought to the exchange.

/Nils, team 2011