Liseberg - an amusement park in Gothenburg

2012-04-18. Published in What's Going On?
by Caroline


Liseberg amusement-parc is actually the biggest in the Nordic region with 35 different amusement rides! There is no doubt Liseberg is an important part of the image of Gothenburg, I guess there is no family with children under the age of 15 that can visit the Swedish west coast without visiting Liseberg. The amusement parc doesn't only attract children of course- it has 3,2 millions of guests per year and the company itself maintain that in Liseberg there is something for everyone...

As well as roller coasters Liseberg has many restaurants and caf├ęs, amusement on the different scenes- like well known music groups, dance shows and illusionists- and a big Christmas market in December. During the winter the parc is filled with millions of Christmas lights and during the summer it is one of the greenest amusement parcs in the world with thousands of flowers.

If you go there, you can't leave without having tried Balder- the big wooden roller coaster that several times has been voted "the worlds best roller coaster in wood" of international experts! Are you brave enough?...

/ Sanna, team 2009