City Beat: Kulturnatta – One night of culture in Göteborg

2010-09-28. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

If you are interested in culture, dedicate your Friday night this week to Kulturnatta. For 100 kronor you get one night of dance, exhibitions, theatre, poetry and music around the city.  The theme of this year is Body and in accordance with that a warm, meditative and  spectaculair opening cermony will be held in the backyard of the city centre.

One night of culture is started off by gigantic black light projections on the house facades, in the small and cosy yard next to Magasinsgatan. The show will be accopanied by Gothenburg indie choir, who will perform songs by the Smiths and Robyn. After the opening ceremony the whole night will be dedicated to culture and the body.  In several theaters, bars and galleries there will be performances and happeings. To plan your night, check out the program in English here.

Some of the events are free, for others you need a Kulturnatta card which you can buy in Världskulturmuseet, Bio Roy, Göteborgs konstmuseum, Kulturpunkten in Stadsbiblioteket, Pusteviksbilketter and Musikens hus, to mention some of the places.

Have a nice evening!

/ Sanna, Misi team 2010