City Beat: International Science Festival

2011-04-23. Published in What's Going On?
by Gina

The Science festival is hitting Gothenburg this week! All over the city there will be science exhibitions, activities and presentations. I wasn't a huge fan of Chemistry or Physics classes in high school but even I think popular science is interesting. This is the kind of stuff that is relevant to everyone and actually interesting to most!

The theme for 2011 is creativity. Visitors will have the chance to learn about how creativity works in the mind, exploring ideas and the creative process.  The festival is a member of the European Science Events Association, so they work with several countries to get some international lectures and presentations from several different countries.

The public festival is from this Tuesday May 10 until Sunday May 15. Most of the festival's events are free and it's spread all over the city. Three main venues are in Nordstan (map), Stadsmuseet (map), and at "Experimentverkstaden" at the Betonghallen at Chalmers. You can find more information at this webpage in English where you can even view videos from last year's festival. There is other information at this official website or even their Facebook event page.

Everything you need is in the program, though it is in Swedish but look for a big British flag for events that are in English. Don't rule out the Swedish ones either, some of them might be more what you see that is the good part.

/Gina, team 2011