Ice Skating at Heden

2011-02-01. Published in What's Going On?
by Gina

It's been below freezing for a while now. My instinct at times like this is to crank up the heat, make a huge pot of soup, get under all the blankets I own, and if I must go outside, it's the shortest distance between a building and a bus or tram. HOW do the Swedes survive this cold?! It's time to put on our three layers of socks, two layers of pants, undershirts, wool sweaters, coats, double gloves, boots, scarves, hats, and hoods and find out!

Freezing weather can mean a lot of unfavorable things, such as embarrassing falls on the sidewalk, bursting water pipes, scary car rides, frostbite... But it can also mean ice skating! Add ice skates to the above wardrobe (no worries, you can rent them for cheap) and you're all set to enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland.

Right in the city center at Heden is a huge ice skating rink that is open November through March. You can rent skates and helmets or get your own skates serviced.  After skating enjoy some food and refreshments. For more information visit their website, Find recent pictures in their Bildgalleri.

The Details

Entrance: 25kr (or a personal card for the whole season for 400kr)

Rental: Skates for 40kr, helmets for 20kr

Hours: Open every day, but times vary. Get daily hours here.

Where: Heden at Parkgatan 41, rink along Sten Sturegatan (map)

One more thing- At this ice rink you can also see the GAIS bandy team play matches in the first division. Bandy is a sport comparable to hockey, only they use a ball instead of a puck, and the sticks are different. For information on matches go to the GAIS website.

/Gina, team 2010