City Beat: Welcome Party for Master and Exchange Students – 2 Oct. 2010

2010-09-27. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

Every vigilant, ever watchful, the officers of the City Beat walk the streets in their trench coats, hat on head, magnifying glass in pocket, sniffing around in the darkest corners, squeezing shut their eyes in the brightest sun light, seeking the pulse of the city, seeking what makes it all tick, the life in Gothenburg. I knew immediately when i got the mail that something was afoot. The hints were all there, the message all too clear: A party was being planned somewhere in the city!

Reading the lines, reading between the lines, reading it all – I had the bigger picture in mind, and I knew the key was in the email I had just received. A Welcome Party for the new Master and Exchange Students in Gothenburg was being planned, and I was on to it! Magnifying glass at the ready, I retrieved and unfolded my copy of the official Gothenburg tourist map, made brittle from months of heavy use under the most difficult of conditions. Gamle Port, at Kungsportsplatsen, yes, with my keen eyes I did spot the location for the party without and instant's hesitation.

[caption id="attachment_3384" align="alignleft" width="217" caption="An officer of the City Beat interviewing a contact."][/caption]

Three dance floors, special prices on all drinks, and free entrance if you fill out a form at! Once the form is posted, a ticket will be emailed to you which you will need to print and bring to the party. Aye, with my magnifying glass I perceived it all! But there was something else, something my keen eyes almost missed. It was… a Party Theme! 'Beer and Loathing in Göteborg City,' was the theme, and guests should dress up in original costumes, for example as hollywood actors, cartoons, super-heroes or anything they have in mind!

An exhaustive investigation, but it is all in a day's work for the officers of the City Beat. I had once again proved myself a fine officer among their ranks, as I once more donned my hat and trench coat and stepped out onto the sidewalk to disappear down the street in a torrential downpour of rain.


  • What: Welcome Party for the new Master and Exchange Students in Gothenburg

  • Where: Gamle Port, a night club with 3 dance floors located at Kungsportsplatsen (map). See Västtrafik for information on bus and tram services stopping at Kungsportsplatsen.

  • When: Saturday 2 October 2010, 10:00PM-2:00AM.

  • Entrance fee: Free entrance. Either bring one of the party flyers or, if you don't have one, fill in the form on ant print and bring the electronic ticket emailed to you as soon as the form has been submitted.

  • Wardrobe: The wardrobe fee is 20 SEK.

  • Party theme: 'Beer and loathing in Göteborg City' is the theme for the party. Dress up in original costumes as hollywood actors, cartoons, super-heroes or anything else that springs to mind!

  • Organizer: Giuseppe is, I believe, a long term international student in Gothenburg. He has organized welcome parties for international master and exchange students in Gothenburg for the past two years, and has in addition to that organized several other parties for international students, making him an accomplished and experienced party planner.

  • Facebook: Visit the event page on Facebook for further information.

/Nils, team 2010