City Beat: Universeum Presents “Tilt!”

2010-10-08. Published in What's Going On?
by Gina

At times when you can't enjoy the outdoors as much because it's cold or rainy, or maybe on the weekdays when there aren't a ton of big events going on, I like to take advantage of those city attractions that are always there. Universeum is one of them. Even though I hated science in school, I could have spent a whole day at Universeum when I went a couple weeks ago. They have quite an impressive aquarium, and a rain forest with monkeys running loose. There are lots of really cool reptiles on display too. The animals are only half of it though. Other exhibitions they have running right now are about the weather, space, crime lab, and more. The newest, that just opened September 30, is called "Tilt!" and it's all about the human brain.

To get a preview of the brain exhibition you can see this link. Sleep and dreams, adrenaline, brain surgery, and how your brain handles pain are a few highlighted topics of the displays. The displays are interactive and you can keep track of your own activity throughout the exhibition as you "train your brain." You can buy a ring for 10sek to log your progress.

Before you go to Universeum, make sure you have a few hours of your day free, especially if you want to see everything there. I would also suggest bringing a camera, especially for the aquarium. You can see them feed the sharks, and other weekly programs pertaining to their exhibitions, for example a Tilt! introduction, so check October's schedule here.

Entrance is 155sek for one day, or 180sek if you want to split your visit up into two days. If you're staying in Gothenburg for a while and think you'll enjoy Universeum enough to come back more than once or twice, you might find that their seasonal or year passes are worth the money. Find more information, including opening hours, on their website. Universeum is located on Södra Vägen 50, right by Liseberg, and visible from the tram stop Korsvägen.

Next time it's a cold, rainy weekday (better to go when the city's kids are all at school), don't forget about Universeum!

/Gina, team 2010