City beat: the Christmas city

2010-11-08. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

Are you ready for Christmas? I hope you are, because Gothenburg is! This weekend it is premier for "the Christmas city" Gothenburg. Liseberg will open in Christmas shroud, and the city will be shining with Christmas lights.

A three kilometer long walk of light will extend from the harbour and all the way along Avenyn, and the lights will continue to shine until January 9. The lightening should be a posetive surprise if you as many Swedes are winter tired because of the dark. This is just the start- within another month you will find Christmas lights in every Swedish window, in shape of a star or a special kind of candlestick.

Liseberg during wintertime is like a Christmas saga, lightned up with 5 millions lights. There is an ice rink for ice skating and a big Christmas market. The air is filled with the smell of roasted almonds and the tones of Christmas music. Christmas on Liseberg has been celebrated since the year of 2000, and every winter the amusement parc attracts half a million visitors! Christmas on Liseberg is opened November 12 until December 23.

If you want to be a real tourist in Gothenburg for one weekend, buy the Gothenburg Christmas pass and enjoy many different attractions  for a reduced price. Why not take a tour with the new Gotheburg wheel, an ice skating session in the winterland next to Avenyn or a cosy boat trip with Paddan? The pass will give you free entrance to Liseberg and many other offers.

/ Sanna, 2010

When: November 12 - January 9 (for Liseberg until December 23)

Price: Ordinary price Liseberg, 80 kr.

Gotheburg Christmas pass, 245 kr/ 1 day, 390 kr/ 2 days.

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