City Beat: Special Screening of "Cocalero" Tonight

2010-10-11. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

The Cocaloro are the cocoa leaf growers of Peru and Bolivia. Cocalero is also the name of a documentary film of Bolicia's first president of indigenous decent, Evo Morales. Tonight The Society of International Affairs offers a special screening of the film followed by discussion and free fika.

The Society of International Affairs, UF  Göteborg,  is the Gothenburg branch of one of the most active and well known student societies in Sweden. As a politically independent student society at Gothenburg University, The Society of International Affairs aims to be a forum for learning and discussion. The lectures and activities focus on  international politics and foreign affairs, and are open for students from various academic disciplines and countries.

Cocalero will give you an insight in big political changes underway in South America. It is a film about geopolitics, providing a close and personal portrait of a people's movement led by the Aymara Indian Evo Morales. In 2005 this man undertake an historic bid for precedency as a reaction to the U.S war in drugs. The war is directed against Bolivian coca-geowing regions, which brings horrendous consequenses for the livelihood of indigenous farmers who cultivate coca crops. Cocalero is “a luminous portrait of working people in rare triumph against U.S. imperialism" (Prairie Miller, WBAI Radio).

For more information, check out the official web site or see the trailer on YouTube: Cocalero.

When: October 11, 17:00- 20:00

Where: Sappören, Sprängkullsgatan 25

Price: Membership costs 50 kronor and gives you access to all films, lectures and events this year.

/ Sanna, team 2010