City Beat: minifestival in Pustevik

2010-12-20. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

How does it sound, the Gothenburg you know after spending a couple of month up in the cold and windy north of Europe? Tonight five local music groups will give you  a part of Gothenburg, through the pop songs characterising their home town. The evening will start with a vernissage in Pustevik, situated in the heart of Gothenburg.

Just a few days left in Gothenburg and no plans for tonight? What could be more suitable than a minifestival celebrating the Gothenburg pop?! In the bar Pustevik five local pop acts will celebrate the city they grow up in, giving you their view of Gothenburg through the soundstrack of their young days. Skansros, Ram di Dam, Fox Machine, Maja Gödicke and Kaspan are some of all great musicians coming from Gothenburg. They will play their own music in combination with material from others, with Gothenburg pop as a common theme for the night.

If there is a strong interest for hard rock in the north of Sweden, the souther parts are characterised by reagge, ska and hip hop. Stockholm with clubs and city beat  has a scene for Swedish house and electro and Gothenburg is the city of pop. Maybe Håkan Hellström is most Gothenburg of them all, with music videos where he wander the streets of the city and lyrics full of the dreams and miserable love living in the city he grow up in. With "pop" as a broad and quite diffuse music genre, there is room for so many else.When the snow makes the Gothenburg streets white and empty, inside Pustevik it will be hot and crowded.  What you will get is "A part of Gothenburg" (En bit av Göteborg).

Where: Pustevik, Järntorget

When: 19:30- 22:00

Price: 90 kr. Buy your ticket in Pusteviksbiljetter on Järntorget or through Ticnet.

Have a nice evening!

/ Sanna, team 2010