City Beat: Liseberg Opening for the Summer!

2011-04-22. Published in What's Going On?
by Gina

Finally, the magical world of Liseberg is opening for the summer season! That means that we have survived the Swedish winter and summer is actually right around the corner. Visiting Liseberg makes you feel like a kid again, there is just something about the place that gives it a perfect atmosphere for a fun summer day or a really special night.

This year there is something really exciting to look forward to. Liseberg's new ride, AtmosFear, a free-fall ride that was built onto the Liseberg Tower. You know, that highest part of Liseberg that you can see from around the whole city? That's the new free-fall tower. It starts at 146  meters above sea level and falls at a speed of 110 km/h (or about 70 mph).

The grand opening is tomorrow, Saturday April 23. Entrance is 80kr for adults (from 11 June to 14 August it's 90kr),  and rides usually cost around 1-4 tickets (at 20kr/ticket). Or you can get a free ride pass. Also don't miss Balder, Kanonen, Lisebergbanan and more.

Check out the Liseberg Website for tons more information about rides, prices, opening times and more special events!

Happy Easter / Glad Påsk!!!

/Gina, team 2011