City Beat: Lights in Alingsås

2011-09-28. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

[caption id="attachment_3653" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo taken at Lights in Alingsås 2008"][/caption]

Alingsås, city of light, city of magic. As an officer of the City Beat, I can not help but notice how the nights are growing longer and darker for each day that passes. But then there is that rumor. Stories about a city of light, a city of magic northeast of Gothenburg, where the october lights shines bright and alluringly. Around 65.000 visitors visit the town every year to see the lights, so there must be some truth to the rumours.

Discreet enquiries soon yielded a wealth of information. The event is called 'Lights in Alingsås', and it takes place annually around October in one of our neighboring villages to the northeast: Alingsås. Every year, a team of light-designers gather in Alingsås to design an outdoors light exhibition in the town. This year's team consists of light-designers Andrea Mantello, Jari Vuorinen, Jonathon Hodges, Rafael Gallego, Stefan Graf, and Vladan Paunovic.

As the sun retreats beyond the horizon, and darkness spreads, lights twinkle on in various parts of Alingsås. Instead of seeking the warmth and quiet of their homes, people take to the streets to path of the light-walk, a set path that goes past all the light installations of the exhibition. And there is magic in lights, is there not? It sure feels that way when you look upon the creative lighting setups in parks, alleys and house façades.

The exhibition will remain open throughout October, so there is still time to see it. And I do recommend seeing it. The exhibition obviously varies in appearance from one year to another, but I have yet to see a Lights in Alingsås exhibition which has been less than spectacular.

Info: How to get to Alingsås

Alingsås is reached easiest by train. By commuter train, it takes 39 minutes, and on SJ's regular trains the journey is only 27 minutes. Visit for up-to-date train ticket fare, and for up-to-date commuter train ticket fare. The exhibition itself is free of charge.

For more info on Lights in Alingsås, visit their official website.

/Nils, team 2010-2011