City beat: House party, Villa belparc

2010-10-04. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

Do you miss those house parties which seemed so frequent when you where younger? No parents in the house, loud music, people making out in the sofa, a big pile of shoes next to the front  door... Now you have the chance to experience it once again! This weekend there will be a hugh villa party in Slottskogen, and the promoters promise it to have  everything a house party used to have and more beyond.

They say it will be Sweden's biggest and absolutly exteremest house party. The question is if you afford to miss it? If you don't think you do, go straight to Karltex in Haga and buy your ticket. One ticket of 80 Swedish kronors includes cool DJ's, hyped live acts and of course- the familiar but forgotten feeling of teenage eufori.

Apart from that Villafesten promise you 1 villa, 3 floors, 6 rooms, 3 dance floors and 3 bars! But if I would go there myself it would probably be because of Ram di dam- a Gothenburg indie band that will give their first official Gothenburg gig for over 1,5 year that one night. Listen to them at MySpace:

When: October 9 21:00-02:00

Where: Villa Belparc, Slottskogen

Age limit: 18

Price: 80 kr with ticket, 100 kronor in the door.

See you there!

/ Sanna, team 2010