City Beat: Football in Gothenburg this Fall

2010-09-10. Published in What's Going On?
by Gina


Hey football fans!! (And by football, I mean soccer). Have you heard about the rivalry between IFK Göteborg and GAIS? Have you heard about the game they are playing this Monday, September 13 at 19.00? One type of sightseeing that we cannot forget about is sporting events. When visiting or moving to a new place, it is always interesting to get to know the local sports scene. The Swedes are crazy about football (ahem, soccer), especially in Gothenburg, since they always have a few teams in the country's highest league. Before you attend the game this  Monday you should be familiar with some background of the teams.

IFK Göteborg can be considered the most successful football club in Swedish history. In the 1980's they won two UEFA cups. They play in the Allsvenskan league, Sweden's top football league. IFK Göteborg was once coached by Sven-Göran "Svennis" Eriksson. Who is "Svennis?" Well, he also coached the national teams of England, Mexico, and most recently, Côte d'Ivoire.

GAIS stands for "Göteborgs Atlet- och Idrottssällskap," but you can just call it "Gothenburg Athletics & Sports Association," or... "GAIS" (pronounced like the word "guys" with more of an "S" at the end). This team is one of the oldest in Sweden, founded in 1894 (ten years before IFK). It is even older than Allsvenskan league itself and has been a member of the league since it was founded. GAIS has won multiple championship titles since the 1920's, both within the league and nationwide. Which one of these two long-time Göteborg teams will you root for?

The game is at Gamla Ullevi, which, contrary to its name, is the newer stadium of the two Ullevi's in town; it is actually 50 years newer than Nya Ullevi, so please don't be confused. It is located at the corner of Parkgatan and Ullevigatan and since it was completed in 2009 it is still under construction on this map. At this point, only standing tickets (ståplats) are available, at about 200sek, and there are several ways to buy them. To buy tickets online you must be registered at If you are not you can order by phone ("telefonbokning") or at a few shops, details listed here. Usually you can buy tickets right at the stadium five hours before kickoff, but this game will most likely be sold out before then. Just yesterday it was reported that over 16,000 tickets have already been sold. That means there are only a couple thousand left. If you want to see this "classic derby," hurry up and buy your ticket today! If you cannot make it to this game there are others to choose from on Gamla Ullevi's event listing.

Besides the football games, there is something else going on for football fans. Now through October 17, Bio Capitol, at Skanstorget 1, is showing a series of movies about football. You can find details and showing times here. Keep in mind that each film is only shown once. You might discover that one of the films is in your native language, but if not, the first three should have English subtitles. The movies, and their links to IMDB to read about them in English, are Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait (France 2006), Michael Laudrup: A Football Player (Denmark 1993), Die elf Teufel (Germany 1927), Kvinnor Offside (Iran 2006, Swedish subtitles), and Fimpen (Sweden 1974, no subtitles). To buy a ticket you first buy a one-year membership card to Cinemateket. There are two membership options, one is which is 80sek, then after that 45sek for each movie. The other is 700sek for free entrance to the movies. The membership and the tickets can be purchased at Bio Capitol and can be used at Cinematekets theaters in Malmö and Stockholm as well.

Now go and indulge in some Swedish football!

/Gina, team 2010