City Beat: Donation Campaign for Japan

2011-03-18. Published in What's Going On?
by Nils Pasi

Tomorrow (Saturday March 19), exchange students at the University of Gothenburg are organizing a fund-raiser in support of relief efforts in Japan. The event in Nordstan will take place between 12-2PM, and funds raised will reach Japan through the Swedish Red Cross. For further information, please visit the official Facebook event page here.

Brief background: The earthquake was reportedly the worst to hit Japan "since detailed records have been kept", and the ensuing tsunami has brought great devastation to the north-eastern parts of Japan. Damages to the infrastructure together with cold weather and snow make the situation extra difficult for victims of the disaster who have either lost their homes or been forced to evacuate the 20KM danger-zone around the Fukushima nuclear power-plant. BBC news writes that the current death toll has reached 6,405, and that many more are still missing.

The number of lives affected by the disaster, as you can see, is very great, and every contribution to the relief efforts, however small or large, makes a difference.

/Nils, team 2011