City beat: Concerts in Gothenburg

2010-10-22. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

When the young Gothenburger Anna von Hausswolff released her first album "Singing from the grave" she was praised by the critics. Her music was describen as magnificent, stormy and black, and her album as a masterpiece and a modern classic. Loney Dear is an apparently ordinary, small town guy named Emil Svanängen. Appearances are deceptive- the music by Loney Dear is caracterized by grand arrangements and a velvety voice, and he has been touring over USA several times. Experience them both live in Gothenburg this Winter.

Some loyal Misi readers might notice that this is not the first time I write about Anna von Hausswolff. I guess we all have our unforgettable concert memories, as well as our standing dream concerts we hope for an opportunity to see. For me Anna von Hausswolff fall in both those categories. I still remember the enamoured eyes of all the boys in the audience, that dark night two years ago. When that tiny girl was singing with her strong, dark voice not only the boys but every person in the audience had nothing in their mind but her. We were facinated, spellbounded, in love. Ever since that night I have been searching for a new chance to see her live.

I saw Loney Dear one year later, but in the same bar. The place is called Pustevik, which is a bar, café, theater and concert hall- a very small and intimate one. I remember a breath-taking feeling which almost made my eyes tear when the whole audience unisonally started to whistle along with Emil. Even months after that night I got thrills when listening to the song I Was Only Going Out, and I still consider that concert as self-evident on my top five concert list.

This time the audience will experience Anna and Emil in quite another mileu- the Gothenburg concert house. If that will makes the music experience even more sensational I do not yet know. The concerts will be held in Stenhammarsalen, which is describen as "a hall which makes you switch between living room, class room and theater in one moment". If you want to see a great music act in Sweden, take the chance to see Anna von Hausswolff or Loney Dear- it is going to be personal, impressive and emotional.

Anna von Hausswolff on Myspace and on Youtube. To the concert in Stenhammarsalen, November 6, buy you ticket here.

Loney Dear on Myspace and on Youtube. To the concert in Stenhammarsalen, December 3, buy your ticket here.

/ Sanna, team 2010