City Beat: 12-Hour Festival for Human Rights

2011-05-13. Published in What's Going On?
by Gina

Angeläget is a human rights project by KulturUngdom and Amnesty International. They have events to promote human rights through art such as photography, documentary films, dance, theater and more. They work with youth and students throughout Sweden to mix human rights with creativity. Find out more about KulturUngdom, Amnesty International and Angeläget at
Tomorrow, May 13 they will host the 12-Hour Festival at the Museum of World Culture. From 12.00-midnight the festival will be filled with artistic films, plays, music and other works of art. There will also be interactive workshops. All the art and activities will revolve around human rights. At night there will be live music. The museum promises a "fantastic atmosphere" for the whole 12 hours.

Entrance is free until 17.00 and costs 40kr after that. Find more information at about the event at

The Museum of World Culture, or Världskulturmuseet is near Korsvägen right by Universeum. Map.

/Gina, team 2011