City beat: à la London design market

2010-11-01. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

If you have been in London you might also be familiar with the unique, almost magic spirit characterizing trendy London markets like Camden Lock, Spitafield and Portobello market. These spots are crowded with local designers, trinkets, delicious food, friendly salesmen and crazy looking originals. Last Spring a couple of Swedes were bringing the London inspired market concept to the Gothenburg bar and café Pustevik, where 26 unestablished designers where selling their creations on the dance floor. This weekend Pustevik will open the doors (or shall I say the dance floor?) to the Gothenburg designer market à la London once again.

When I was living in London, every Sunday was dedicated to either Camden lock, Spitafield market or both of them. In colorful Camden you meet all kinds of people- it is a place where concepts as normal or norms don’t exist. Along the channel sit groups of youth smoking, enamored couples and local musicians with their dogs. The market contains everything you can imagine and more beyond, and the air is filled with the odor of all kinds of food- Indian, Moroccan, Pakistan… Camden lock is like heaven on a sunny Sunday when you went out of bed with an acing head due to last night’s sins.

Spitafield market is more chic than Camden lock, situated in the fashion-right area around Brick lane. Local designer students from London fashion schools and institutes try to sell their creations, and local artists display their art. After a round on the market you can keep on picking up bargains for the rest of the day, in the expensive but trendy 2hand stores close by.

Even if Gothenburg is not as London, Sweden is a creative and attractive country when it comes to fashion, with many skilled designers  celebrated abroad. London on the other hand, is a frequently visited city among Swedes. Did you know that as many as 60 000 – 70 000 Swedes are living in London, which makes the Swedish population in London as many as in a middle large Swedish city? Trying to bring the market concept to Gothenburg is certainly a well greeted initiative. In the small scaled design market in the bar/ café Pustevik you will find cool design, after-market beer, fika and good music. After your market tour, continue you shopping trip around Jäntorget- there you will find several 2hand stores. Read more about à la London design market here.

/ Sanna, 2010

When: November 6, 10-17

Where: Pustevik, Järntorget

Price: Free