Looking for a cake buffet?

2010-09-03. Published in What's Going On?
by Sanna

As you might know, Villa Villekulla is the name of the Swedish fairy-tale-figure Pippi Longstocking's house. In Gothenburg Café Villekulla is a hidden fairy-tale inspired café, known for it's delicious cake buffet...

I have heard many Erasmus students blessing the Swedish cakes and cookies you find in the city's plurality of cafés. As a frequant café guest and a part-time café worker, I have had my share of cakes and cookies- and it's true the Gothenburg cake selection is heavenly! Something out of the ordinary is the cake buffet of  Café Villekulla. For 65 kronor (45 if you buy something to drink) you get passed the dilemma of choosing between the cakes- you can have them all! Perfect if you rapidly want to get an overview of the Swedish cake selection and find your favourite.

Not only does this café offer a delicious cake buffet, also the decoration makes it worth a visit. Imagine pay the grandmother in the fairy-tale The little red riding hood a visit. That's more or less how it feels like being in Café Villekulla. Crowded with gadgets and old funiture this café is as far away from the impersonal coffee chains as it can possibly be!

Even if it is not as cosy and chamry as Café Villakulla, you can't speak about cake buffets without mention Steinbrenner & Nyberg. If you have the budget for a more luxury alternative, why don't try the soup lunch including a gâteau/cake buffet in their restaurant downtown? Steinbrenner & Nyberg is a famous bakery/pastisserie, known for their alsolutly delicous cakes, gâteaus and pastries- for 87 kronor you get the chance to try them!

I can't answer whether a visit in Café Villekulla and Steinbrenner & Nyberg will make you even more obsessed by the Swedish cakes, or if you end up too filled up with cakes to even think of it for weeks... There is just one way to find out. Make a visit and have some cakes!

Café Villekulla, Storgatan 10, Opened 10-21 every day

Steinbrenner & Nyberg, Östra Larmgatan 6, Week days 11-16

/ Sanna, Misi.se team 2010