Misi.se is looking for a Project Manager

2012-02-27. Published in Misi News
by Sarah

Misi.se a non-profit organization started by aluminies from Handels in Gothenburg, Chalmers and Handels in Stockholm. Misi.se operates a unique website designed for international students in Gothenburg. Each month we receive approx. 1.700 unique visitors. We work closely with the student unions at Gothenburg University to provide international students with a complete guide for their exchange semester in Gothenburg.

Right now we are expanding our services and developing several new projects. Therefore we are in need of new ambitous students to join Misi.se.
Do you want to help drive important developments in an established nonprofit organization? Do you have a strong entrepreneurial drive and desire to take on a great deal of responsibility early in your career? Then you should apply to us!

As a project manager you will work part time approx.10 hours a week and be very involved in the entire development of Misi.se. You will be working closely with the team leader and/or directly with the board members during the projects

If you find this position interesting, then you should send your resume & cover letter to recruit@misi.se, application deadline is March 1st! Interviews will be conducted continuously. More info about Misi.se can be found at www.misi.se/about-us ,

For more information of the project manager role please click on the follwing link