Working in Sweden

2012-02-22. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sanna

If you have started to think about working in Sweden, there are several alternatives to find a job even if the economical state is harsh. You can register your CV on job sites and hope for a job offer, visit the Swedish Public Employment Service and let them help you, visit job fairs and speak with employers, contact interesting companies to see if they plan to employ or be an active job searcher by looking at  job adverts and apply. I am going to tell you a bit more about some of these alternatives.

There are many staffing companies in Sweden, providing job opportunities for educated persons looking for high-level jobs as well as for students wanting part-time jobs beside the studies. Since many of the job sites and adverts are in Swedish, register your CV and finding jobs can be hard if you don't speak the language. This doesn't necessarily means that there are no jobs where you don't need to speak Swedish. What you could do is to contact different staffing companies to see if they have interesting jobs matching you profile. You could also register your CV on international career web sites where the search function is in English.

Monster- This is an international career web site providing advices, information, search functions and CV upload to help you in your career. A registration of your CV it can make it searchable for employers all over the world so they can contact you if you match their profile. You can also search for job adverts in Sweden. Visit

Komet- Komet is on place 16 in sizeorder regarding Swedish staffing companies. Komet provides jobs in many different types of business. Visit

Manpower- Manpower is world leading within workforce solutions, and one of the biggest employers in Sweden. Manpower student administer part-time jobs and seasonal work for students, while Manpower professional administer high-level jobs. Visit or call 020- 376 376.

Arbetsförmedlingen-The Swedish Public Employment Service advertises hundreds of thousands of jobs each year. On their web site of the there is a broad amount of job ads, but unfortunatly many of them are in Swedish. You can also call Costumer Services on 0771-416 416 any day in the week,  or visit your local office to speak with an advisor. Get more information on this page.

Academic Work – has recently launched a section specifically aimed at international students in Sweden. When you register at you create a profile and upload a CV. You will then (most likely; it may work differently with the English section) receive emails with job offerings that fit your profile. You will also be able to log onto their website to check the newly listed jobs and apply for any jobs that interest you. Since the CV is already on their website, all you need to do is write a personal letter, which is also handled digitally through a form on the website.

The Local – is a Swedish news site in English with a section about job hunting in Sweden. They have several job ads listed in their jobs section which you might want to have a look at.

Good luck!

/ Sanna, team 2010-2012