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2010-08-17. Published in Life in Gothenburg
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Water tower

Everyone has a couple of places where he/she wants to hide and keep in only his/her mind. I’m always seeking for such a beautiful place wherever I am. Here in Gothenburg, I could find some places such as a cafe in Haga, a bench in the park, and an alley in the Kungsportsplatsen. All of them offer me comfortable moments and make me relax. However, I definitely recommend to dig into outside of the center of the city since I discovered one of my favorite places a bit away from the centrum.

Have you ever heard of the water tower in Gothenburg? It is located in Guldheden, the last stop of tram No. 10 or bus No.51 or 52. If you walk for around 10 minutes, you can get there. I’ve been there on Tuesday afternoon, a great sunny day. After taking a walk for a couple of hours, we headed to the water tower. Although we had to go up to the highest floor (or you can ride the elevator if you want to), my first impression of the place was wonderful. In the cafe at the top floor, a couple of families were having fika with kaka, one couple was playing board games, some old men were playing chess. We had a seat on the balcony outside of the cafe, and could see the whole view of Gothenburg. It was such a splendid view that I felt a shame that I could not find words to express my feeling in English.

View from water tower

At the moment of sunset, sunshine reflected off the houses and displayed vivid red colors. Seeing is believing. It is absolutely worth going. And if you went there, please make a comment here, let’s share the experience!

Here's a map and description

/Mai, team 2010