City Beat: Use Songkick to Track Concerts

2012-06-04. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Gina


[caption id="attachment_3943" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Wilco (the best band ever) Kansas City, MO 2007"][/caption]


Hey everyone! There is always live music going on wherever you are. Sometimes, the trouble is finding out where it is! I use to get updates on where and when my favorite artists are playing.

It's easy to start using, you just enter your location, and then pick your favorite artists. You can select multiple locations. As you choose artists it even suggests other artists for you. You can use your Pandora,, and iTunes libraries to add artists to songkick as well. Basically, Songkick notifies you whenever one of your artists is playing in your area.

Another way to find live music is tracking by location. For your selected location, Songkick will list different concerts going on nearby, even for artists that aren't on your list. It should provide you with plenty of options on new music. It also constantly shows recommendations for new artists you maybe haven't listened to yet. There are other features on the site, like a calendar, and music festival tracking, so go check it out!

Click here for Songkick's page of upcoming concerts in Gothenburg! (Including popular venues such as Sticky Fingers, Jazzhuset, and Pustervik).

I hope you all find some good live music to enjoy!

/Gina, team 2010