Life In Gothenburg Jogging around Lindholmen!

2010-09-29. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

Hey students!

For everyone who enjoys jogging, listen to some music while getting some exercise, we have a great tip for you! Execpt for only taking a jogg in slottskogen or just around town, if you take the buss to Lindholmen there is a very nice stripe where you could run next to the river around some very nice neighboorhood.

Lindholmen is the small central high-tech area where companies such as Volvo IT, Ecrisson have there office. It is situated right by the river and view from there is very nice! From there one could jogg right next to the river while enjoying the nice view jogg from there to Eriksbergshallen. It's big event hotel further west of Lindholmen. You could also take a jogg during the night if you wish during night you can enjoy the great night view and see the Norraalvsbron(the big bridge in the that connects hisingen in the west).

When the sun is shining, listens to some music and take a jogg around a nice area is great way to relax and get some exercise ;)

To get to Lindholmen the starting point take the Buss 16 from nordstan or brunnsparken to the buss stop called Lindholmen it takes around 10min from Nordstan

Here's the full map for the recommendend route. (The blud dotted line is just a guide route for directions, but the best path is if you run as close by the river as possible)

Visa större karta

// Yining team 2010