Thought of the Week: Commuting

2010-11-07. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Nina

Following my previous article on job hunting (and no, I have not had to sell blood as of yet), I had another thought this week about the process of job hunting: transportation. Obviously, the bigger of the two issues is finding and securing employment, but it occurred to me the other day that even if I did find a job, how would I get there?

This may be hard to believe—since I suppose I still am a twenty-three year-old American—but I love public transportation. I have never owned a car. I do have a beautiful little red scooter which I christened Ruby (now under a tarp, at my parents, condemned to stay still until the day I come back), but that has been the only motorized thing I have ever personally paid for. To get around my old haunts, I’d walk, run, ride a bike, bus, train, ferry, bum a car ride, or scoot. Yay for self-sufficiency!

So I’m completely used to Göteborg’s way of doing things. I walk to class, I ride the tram to get to the libraries, I grab opportune buses when they’re rushing past. In fact, I am a major fan of the GPS system Sweden’s got with the buses and trams; Swedes have no idea how awesome it is to be able to know how long it’ll be until the next bus home (don’t take that for granted!).

But traveling to and from places so far has required a mish-mash of different strategies for me, and if I eventually do find a job, I’ll be wanting a more secure form of transportation to rely on…

So I offer the public my dilemma: what is your best way to get around Göteborg?

/Nina, team 2010