The Native: Swedish Chocolate Makers

2011-10-20. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Caroline

The luxury chocolate manufacturing market has grown over the last years in Sweden, and a few names that stick out needs to be mentioned to get an introduction to the Swedish chocolates. 

Åre Chokladfabrik is a chocolate factory that has been around since 1991 where they specialise in making all the chocolates by hand. The chocolates are then put in cone shaped packaging which is one of the significant trademarks of the brand. The chocolate is extremely popular, especially during Christmas times.

Malmö Chokladfabrik is a chocolate factory that has been around since 1888 where they have been making chocolates in different shapes and flavours. Who wouldn’t like to try a cardamom chocolate? The factory is also the first Swedish brand that has been able to get a spot in the Academy of Chocolate for the best dark chocolate by receiving a Silver Medal.

Flickorna Kanold in Gothenburg has a history of making candy and chocolate since 1901 but disappeared for a while in during the 1980’s. In 1998 the Kanold family returned by opening a chocolate store in Victoria Passagen and has since then managed to open another store in Saluhallen and a café by Grönsakstorget in Gothenburg.

La Praline Gothenburg is a brand that recently switched their manufacturing of truffles from France to Gothenburg in order to live up to the name they have. The flavours of the truffles keep on growing and now exist in 18 flavours.

While there are yet many more manufacturers to discover, starting with one of these brands is a good beginning. Why not discover more of them at the Chocolate Festival in Gothenburg this weekend?

/Caroline, Team, 2011