The Native: Majblommor

2012-04-19. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera


Have you recently seen a lot of children around town with green bags? And do they try to sell paper flowers to you? Well, then the season for majblommor (mayflowers) has started.

Majblommor is a Swedish charity foundation that aims to fight children poverty. They want that all children have the possibility to participate in school and freetime activities. That is why they support children from families with a difficult economic or social situation, children with chronic illnesses or other difficulties.

The idea is simple. Everybody can contribute with a little amount of money and children help children. There are different sizes of pin paper flowers and the prices vary. The classic pin costs 10 SEK and the biggest one 50 SEK. There is a strong collaboration with schools that encourage their pupils to take part in charity activities. The flowers are sold by children between nine and twelve years during two weeks in April every year. All the money goes to means that improve the situation of children. There are four ways in which the money is used:

One: about 10% of the money goes to the schools and is used for internal social activities like school trips, study trips and camps but also for the purchase of computers, books for certain projects or musical instruments.

Two: children in difficult situations are individually supported. Examples can be that the money is used for the purchase of some more expensive items like glasses, medicine and clothes but also for taking part in summer camps, family trips and freetime activities. The foundation also wants these children not to have any disadvantages and supports them through the purchase of bikes, computers, CD-players if their parents cannot afford these things.

Three: research projects with focus on children’s health are supported.

Four: a holiday camp for children in Galtarö (north of Gothenburg) is organized during summer.

The first majblommor were sold in 1907 in Gothenburg and the money went to children who had tuberculosis. From Gothenburg it quickly spread to other towns in Sweden and even to some other countries. Nowadays majblommor are sold all over the country for about 50 million SEK every year. A lot of money that is used for a good cause. Support majblommor as well!

- There is a new design every year. This year’s colours are green and pink.
- There is even a Facebook group about majblommor
- For many Swedes majblommor are a certain sign of spring
- The first majblommor cost 10 öre
- This year’s action started on April 14th
- Every year another artist designs the official poster

More information is available in English on the official website.