The Native: Gustav Adolfsbakelse

2011-11-06. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Caroline

On the 6th of November every year, one can find the Gustav Adolfs pastry in most of the cafe's in Gothenburg. The pastry was created by Carl Bräutigam 1909 in his bakery in Gothenburg to the memory of King Gustav Adolf the second's death in 1632 which occured during the battle of Lützen.

The pastry can be found to have different flavours and sometimes different shape, but one thing can be found on each of them, if they wish to be known as a Gustav Adolfs pastry. The silhouette of the hero king need to crown the pastry. The most usual is to make the silhouette of chocolate but sometimes marcipan versions show up as well.

Don't miss the opportunity to try out a Gustav Adolfs pastry if you're in Gothenburg during the day and see which version of the pastry you get.

/Caroline, Team, 2011