Summer special: Ice-cream places

2011-06-01. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

And suddenly it is summer again – the perfect time to sit outside, enjoy barbeque, go for a swim or eat some ice-cream! In Sweden, “kulglass” is very popular, that means that you buy single scoops of ice-cream. You can have your scoops in a våffla (waffle) or bägare (cup). It is less common to have beautifully decorated sundaes. However, it is always nice to have some ice-cream and here come some recommendations for ice-cream places from the team:

The ice-cream parlours along Avenyn and at other central spots in town
Very classical and very Swedish. You can choose from list of flavours and also have some cream on top. Alternatively you can also get some coffee and other candy there.

Liseberg’s famous ice-cream waffle
What would a visit to Liseberg be without ice-cream? Here you get a very rich big waffle filled with ice-cream, whipped cream, soft ice-cream and some toppings. Mums!

Pinkbär on Linnégatan
Recently a new ice-cream place opened on Linnegatan, next to Rumpanbar. Here you can choose from very extraordinary flavours. You pay according to the weight of your ice-cream, so you can mix as many flavours as you like. You should also give the fresh milkshakes with ice-cream a try.

Ice-cream in Haga
Haga is, of course, the place to go when you want to take a fika. Now in summertime, you will recognize that most of the cafes even offer ice-cream. Bräutigams is probably the most popular place for ice-cream on Haganygatan.

Mondo on Brunnsgatan
Close to Handels, Campus Haga and Campus Linne, right next to the tram stop Brunnsgatan, there is Mondo. Here you get “Lejonet och Björnen“ ice-cream which is very popular with Gothenburg people. The variety is very big, so be prepared for some hard decision-making.

Triumpf glass
Triumpf glass is an ice-cream brand from Gothenburg. You can buy Triumpf ice-cream at the supermarket but there are also several Triumpf “glasscafé” (ice-cream places) all over town. There are for example some cafes in Majorna and on Hisingen. Moreover, there is ice-cream sold at the factory in Järnbrott (for better prices). You can easily get there by Blå Express or Buss 80. The stop is called “Radiomotet”. At some of the Triumpf glasscafe you can even get Frozen Yoghurt.

Triumpf glass website (only available in Swedish)

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