The Breakfast Club

2011-01-28. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Nils Pasi

It all began… when three friends realised they didn't meet as often as they wished.
Everyone knows that people usually make a bigger effort to squeeze a proper meeting into their calendar,
than a cup of coffee every week with a friend, since the meeting just seems to be a little bit more important.
Obviously, something had to be done. The three friends needn't think about it for too long.
They knew what they had to do,

and thus; the Breakfast Club was born.

The Breakfast Club exists because:
* Breakfast is a necessity in our everyday life
* Everyone loves a good breakfast
* Breakfast is better enjoyed among good friends than in gloomy solitude
* There's SO much breakfast going on, someone simply HAS to evaluate the phenomenon!

The Breakfast Club's goal is:
* To find the best breakfast served in Gothenburg
* To have a great time before, during and after each breakfast moment that the members share with each other

The Breakfast Club consists of:
*Member: Fairy. So, so so cute and energetic. Also, short.
*Member: M. Energetic to the point of the absurd. She's quite short. Also, cute.
*Member: Yours Truly. She's not short but she's not very tall. She might very well be cute. Also, energetic.
*Member: Tall. Tall in Swedish is a certain tree. Our Tall is tall as a Tall. Energetic? NO. But cute. Recent member of the club.



29-08-2010 Le Petit café, Haga

Selection: 4 eggs out of 5
Staff: 3 eggs out of 5
Taste: 4 eggs out of 5
Premises: 5 eggs out of 5
Price: 70 SEK

Comments: This was the first meeting, although Yours Truly wasn't there. The rest of the members (M, Fairy and Tall) sat outside, since it was the end of August.
A bird had a tough time next to them, he had gotten himself entangled with a string. As far as I can tell, neither M, Fairy or Tall tried to help the poor fellow. Typical.
No buffet, you get a plate with all the breakfast stuff on it, and no caviar for the egg. Tastes delicious, though.

12-09-10 Fröken Olsson, Östra Larmgatan 14

Selection: 5 eggs out of 5
Staff: 4 eggs out of 5
Taste: 5 eggs out of 5
Premises: 3,5 eggs out of 5
Price: 89 SEK

Comments: The first proper meeting, where all 4 members attended. Yours Truly managed to be half an hour late, due to a misunderstanding regarding the starting time of the meeting. But did it matter? No!
The breakfast buffet was big and very tasty indeed, and the café kept it ready laid on the table until 1 pm! Organic coffee and yoghurt. Overall, a very nice meeting.

26-09-2010 Evas Paley, Avenyn 39

Selection: 4 eggs out of 5
Staff: 3 eggs out of 5
Taste: 3,5 eggs out of 5
Premises: 2 eggs out of 5
Price: 89 SEK

Comments: M recieved an incredibly ugly hat from Yours Truly, with love on her birthday. Yours Truly is not sure if M got the gag. Oh, well. The breakfast buffet lacked in selection, regarding
yoghurt flavours and different kinds of bread. Interesting, since Fröken Olsson and Evas Paley are run by the same lady, Eva Olsson. The meeting, however, was pleasant as always.

09-10-2010 Le Pain Francais, Engelbrektsgatan 32

Selection: 3 baguettes out of 5
Staff: only the crumbs of 1 baguette
Taste: 4 baguettes out of 5
Premises: 4 baguettes out of 5
Price: 69 SEK (De Lux)

Comments: Oh boy! The staff was incredibly rude to M when she accidently took the wrong breakfast plate. We're not going back to this place. Luckily, there are about 10 000 other Le Pain Francais spread out all over the city, so there is no point in crying over lost breakfast. It wasn't lost, it was rather tasty and we enjoyed the company of some old friends who decided to join the meeting. Fairy proved to be brilliantly on time yet again, while Yours Truly kept finding it hard to get out of bed. Better luck next time.

17-10-2010 Le Petit Francais (once again)

Selection: 3 baguettes out of 5
Staff: Half a baguette out of 5
Taste: 4 baguettes out of 5
Premises: 5 baguettes out of 5
Price: 69 SEK

Comments: No buffet. The staff was keen on cleaning the table - a little to keen, as they took Fairy's plate before she was finished. BAD! Tall proved to be worthy a membership in the Breakfast Club, since he attended the meeting although he had gotten absolutely no sleep during the night (we blame the Saturday and Tall's good looks). We decided that his application would be accepted.

13-11-2010 Steinbrenner & Nyberg, Södra vägen

Selection: 4,5 bun out of 5
Staff: 3 buns out of 5
Taste: 4 big buns out of 5
Premises: 3 buns out of 5
Price: 69 SEK

Comments: M was unhappy with the evaluation of this place, since her friend works there. But what to do? We are ruthlessly honest, and will not give 5 out of 5 if it's not absolutely smashin'. On this you can rely, dear reader. Now, it needs to be said that the price is very good for a buffet, and the coffee is delicious. Good music playing. However, the sofas were not very comfy and they lack different types of yoghurt, of which we have grown accustomed. It's a bakery of/for bread, so obviously that's their speciality, but there was simply an undefinable something missing for a top grade. Note: Yours Truly was not only on time, she was the FIRST to arrive!!

21-11-2010 Le Pain Francais, Vallgatan

Selection: 3 cups of coffee out of 5 2 cups of coffee out of 5
Staff: 3 cups of coffee out of 5
Taste: 3 big cups of coffee + 1 small, out of 5 3 cups of coffee out of 5
Premises: 4 cups of coffee out of 5
Price: 69 SEK (De Lux breakfast) 59 SEK (French breakfast)

Comments: This was a much better experience of the La Pain Francais-phenomenon. Yours Truly shall describe the selection: There are 2 different breakfast menus. Either the De Lux, or the simpler French breakfast plate. This is ok. Yours Truly was not particularly in the mood for a large breakfast, since she and Fairy and their new friend - let's call him New Friend - had had a big partynight the night before. Thus, she tried the simpler version. What's special with the Le Pain Francais breakfast is that it includes croissant, and OH such good coffee. Yummie. And Yours Truly is not just speaking of New Friend, whom we all found charming, and well, yummie and a perfect addition to our merry company. New Friend is more than welcome to join future meetings. Conclusion: This was a very successful meeting indeed.

28-11-2010 Café Bagatelle, Kungsgatan

Selection: 3,5 eggs out of 5 (they had caviar!!)
Staff: 5 eggs out of 5
Taste: 3,5 eggs out of 5
Premises: 4 eggs out of 5
Price: 65 SEK

Comments: Only Fairy and Yours Truly managed to attend this meeting, this joyful and pleasant meeting!! Since we are planning a play together, it was good to have some time woman to woman. And such a happy surprise when we found caviar for the egg, the best spot to sit in the entire café, heard marvellous music on and on and simply felt comfortable. It does not happen very often. Maybe the scruffy and bohemian decorating style helped creating this, if so, well done!

/The Breakfast Club, autumn 2010-2011


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