Saturday special: After-Work in Gothenburg

2010-10-02. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sanna

We got a question in the forum about good places to go for cheap food and drink. Although we initially aimed to list a couple of places for each day of the week, we soon realized that Thursdays and Fridays are really popular, and the rest of the week you will simply have to go to one of those places that offer good prices throughout the week. Thus, we have some specific recommendations for Thursdays, Fridays and even one for a Sunday. For the rest of the week, we have the 'Throughout the week' heading.


Klubb Total, Sticky Fingers: A legendary Thursday club for the young, poor and flirty party crowd. Here you find cheep beer and cool gigs, and the music is a mix between indie, pop, rock, synth and electro. Free entrence before 21:00, but risk for a long line outside!
Age: 18
Price: 60 kr after 21:00
Adress: Kaserntorget 7

Svanen, Jazzhuset: Svanen is a worthy rival to Klubb Total. This club is as much mainstream indie as you'll get in Gothenburg, and present a variety of both Swedish and international pop acts.
Age: 18
Price: 60 kr
Adress: Erik Dahlbergsgatan 3


After Work, Excet: If you are looking for cheap cocktails, free food and a nice place to gather your friends in after one week of school, Excet is the place for you. From 17:00 until 22:00 (be there in time to get a table) Excet serve "the best after work in town".
Age: 22.
Price: 60 kr after 22:00
Adress: Vasagatan 52
Check out their homepage in English here

Lounge (on Avenyn)
Every friday night they have this great afterwork. For only 20 kr in entry you can get free thai food as much as you want and it's really good! The after work is each friday between 17.00-22.00 and during that time the beer is also half price! So 25 SEK only for beer and endless thai food!

Mãiana (by Vallgraven)
They also have great afterwork on fridays from 17.00-00.00 beers only 25kr together with pretty nice snacks foods. Mãiana is more of a cosy place to have some food and drinks with your friends before heading out for good fun at night.


After a long weekend (or week?) of going to all these clubs for their good deals, you will want to find some good, half-price food to enjoy on a Sunday afternoon. The funny thing about 2 for 1 is that you have to try to go as an even number of people, so one person doesn't get stuck paying full price for their meal. The only solution then would be to get out your calculator at the restaurant and do some complicated math to even it all out, or to have a vote deciding who will be on their own...

Rumpanbar, on Linnégatan 38, invites you to "ät 2 betala för 1" on a selection of menu items every Sunday. They are open 14-24 on Sundays. The age limit is 23, and it claims to have a dress code, but I personally wonder how much they will check these things on a Sunday afternoon... Don't say we didn't warn you though!

Throughout the week

Charlies Änglar, on Vasaplatsen 1, is another place to get 2 for 1 food, but this offer is on all their food, every day! I didn't believe it when I read it either. You can also get beer, wine, and cider for just 29sek.

Centrally located in Linnéstaden, Cicero's menu includes pizzas and tapas, and offers beer, wine or cider for 29 SEK throughout the week. Adress: Linnégatan 23. The closest tram/bus stop is Prinsgatan.


Beer cost 32 SEK and it is possible to order food. Kelly's is located on Andra Långgatan near Masthuggstorget tram stop. Along the same street are several other popular places with good prices, so even if Kelly's should happen to be full, there are lots of other places near by.

For a more complete club guide, check out:

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