Saturday Special: 365 saker

2011-05-28. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

365 saker is a blog that started in Gothenburg in 2009. Its full name is “365 saker du kan göra” and means 365 things you can do. Every day there is a new posting on this blog which suggest you a new thing to do. Most of the postings even include a video or at least a picture. I love this website because of several reasons. First, there are so many crazy and unbelievable creative ideas which make you laugh in the first place and then really want to try them! Second, there are ideas which make you think – I really wanted to try that since a long time! Third, there are simply great videos. Fourth, there are a lot of great suggestions which you can do together with other people. Fifth, a wonderful website to spend some time or a lot of time…

The blog was started by Navid Modiri on the first of January in 2009. He wanted to try a new thing every day and write on this blog about it. The blog soon became very successful with over one million readers in 2009. It won several awards and gained a lot of national and even international attention. It has even expanded and there are over 40 blogs which continue the idea and have a focus on a geographical area or a certain topic. The aim goal is to inspire people to try out new things and become more secure in themselves.

365 saker is today not only a blog but it has also become a network for people with creative ideas. In Gothenburg, they organise “Inspiration meetings” where people can get new ideas, change perspective, develop and share their ideas with others. Some meetings even encourage the participants to become more active citizens and develop their passion.

My absolute favourite “things” to do on the homepage are the clips about making a “Stop-Motion Film”. I would never have the patience to try it myself but I enjoy watching it. I also like all the ideas with sewing. You can also spend hours on this website as you can use the translation module. Get active yourself: try out the many ideas on 365 saker, join the misi team or come up with your own ideas and share them!

365 saker du kan göra

/Sera, team 2011