Misi Review: Movie + Bar= true?

2010-03-02. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

Have you  ever thought about watching a movie in a bar? Ordering some drinks chatting to some new people in a lounge enviroment while watching a documentry? Well if you haven't here is your chance to try it! In Gothenburg we have a local pub called the Doc Lounge a place where you exactly do that of written above!

Doc Lounge was born in Malmö 2006 as an initiative of the documentary filmmaker Frederick Gertten to create a vibrant venue with a documentary film in the middle. The theory is simple. Documentary is not a narrow genre, it is wide and there is a large audience. And documentaries are fun to see together.

Doc Lounge is a club open to everyone who loves documentaries, soft-bar atmosphere, soft sofas, carpets and pillows, live music, interesting conversations, chill out djs and more. The goal is to show the world's best documentaries, the film we get from our friends in the international documentary film world. The enviroment is really relaxing, and the documentaries are really good ;) it's a pretty special thing to do and a great experience.

In Gothenburg we are on 'House of Win-Win' (3rd Långg. 13B, opposite the Market Hall brig) every Tuesday at 19.00. Movie Start 20:00. But come on time is often full. To get tickets on needs to book them online at Ticnet.se then search for 'House of Win-Win' and then go to any local convenient store marked MTG to pick them up! Next Tuesday they will be showing a new documentary called "The Oath". Each week a new documentary is shown therefore you only have one opportunity to see a documentary that you want. The full schedule can be found at here!

*Quick info Box:

* Tickets must be purchased in advance at Ticnet.se

* New documentaries every Tuesday start at 20.00

*Address 'House of Win-Win' (3rd Långg. 13B, opposite the Market Hall brig)


// Yining Misi.se 2011