Misi Test Panel: Our favourite cafés

2012-03-01. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sarah

Fika is obligatory in Sweden. No question about that. That is why there are many cosy and fantastic cafés in Gothenburg. The Misi.se Team likes to enjoy a fika and there are some cafés which we like especially much. If you have a favourite café of your which should be mentioned, don’t hesitate and tell us about it on the comment field or our page on facebook. Here are the some recommendations by the Misi.se Team members:

There might be cafés that are fancier, more modern, have better cakes or are cosier but there is something very special about Star Cups. It is the calm and relaxed atmosphere that I love. It is the ideal place to chat with friends, study or find new inspiration. In summertime, you can also sit outside and enjoy the lovely sight of Oscar Fredrik’s church. (STAR CUPS on Plantagegatan 17, near Prinsgatan tram stop)

My favorite café is Proviant at Sprängkullsgatan 10A. The interior is trendy and offers a great alternative to traditional cafés. Proviant is the perfect place to drop by after a long day in school when you feel like chilling out with a coffee, a glass of wine or a beer. One can also pay the café a visit in the morning as it serves a delicious breakfast in a quiet environment.
Finally, do NOT go here for take-away of any kind - this is a café to chill out and relax in!

There is a reason for why I have returned to Språkcaféet (Eng. 'The Language Cafe') every week, almost without fail, for the last two years. Certainly, the café is happily housed in one of Gothenburg's many older buildings, and surely there would be a story there to find should anyone take the time and actually seek the history of that building and its odd, vaulted ceiling. The staff is, furthermore, very kind and friendly, the food and pastries good, but for me the high-point and main reason for returning every week are the language evenings. Every night Mon-Thurs. people gather to speak different languages. English, for example, is on Wednesdays 17:30-20:00, and that is where I've been for the last two years. You'll need to buy food/drink for 45 SEK in order to join, but they have lots of tasty stuff, so that's hardly a problem.
Saturdays are special, as guests take to the floor for some Tango (yes, the dance – there is no such language!). Språkcaféet is located at Esperantoplatsen, close to Järntorget tram and bus stop. Check out their website for further information on the language evenings and the tango: www.sprakcafeet.com

Kafe Vanilj is a treasure on a side street that I always return to. There's a lively atmosphere whenever you take a step inside that makes you smile. The cafe offers hot dishes, salads and different cakes to go with your coffee to a reasonable price. When you need a good place to hang with your friends, this cafe is for you. www.kafevanilj.se

Guldhedstornet takes you to a new level where you can get a nice view of the city while having a nice meal and enjoy the magic of the old fashioned cafe. http://www.guldhedstornet.se/

It might not look much from the outside, but the second you take a step into Hagabion, you fall into another world - a world where everyone is welcome to take seat and enjoy nice meals with coffee during the day or beer during the evening. Hagabion is located on Linnégatan, just opposite to the tram stop Prinsgatan.

I really like le petit café on Haga Nygata, near Järntorget. It has always warm and friendly environment with nice interior design. You can go there for lunch on a healthy diet on the salad bar, or other dishes. However, my favourite there is their awesome chocolate cake with paprika on it. During nice weather, you can also sit outside and enjoy the street atmosphere.