Home Sweet Home

2011-04-06. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

If you are away from your home for a longer period you might start to miss a lot of things. Especially if you chose to live in a country which has a great distance to your home country you might feel the differences pretty soon. Misi asked some exchange students what they miss from their homes and what they are doing to compensate this feeling.

“I miss Sri lankan food a lot. I can't find original Sri Lankan food in Sweden. It is very hard to find real sri lankan spices also. Here we make sri lankan food but doesn't taste like real sri lankan food. In Göteborg I can't find any sri lankan resturant. I don't know about Stockholm. Maybe they do have. So I really miss my mother's food in Sri lanka. I really don't like winter time. See how many clothes we have to wear and it is too heavy to carry. But in Sri lanka I can use my summer clothes the whole year. You can see the difference.I miss my mother, father and my whole family a lot. Sometimes I feel I am so alone here in Sweden and I miss lots of fun parties, wedding in Sri lanka.”  Yathika from Sri Lanka

"There are two things that I miss – the not so important of them is a well-equipped drugstore so I don’t have to buy my shampoo and other cosmetic products in three different places including the pharmacy, which is just a bit inconvenient, and the second one is bread. I’ve heard almost every fellow German complain about this, but since we are the nation with the biggest variety on bread and bread buns (sunflower seed bread, caraway buns, poppy seed rolls, pretzel sticks and pumpernickel, to just name a few) I guess there is some legitimacy for complaining. Even though Swedish pastries and cookies almost make up for this lack!"  Anna from Germany

For me, I am pretty much used to life in Gothenburg and I now already consider it my home. But still – I miss some things I am growing up with and which I really appreciate when I go “home-home” and visit my family in Stuttgart. I, of course, agree with Anna about the drugstore and the German bread but I also miss some public meeting places where you can just meet and sit around with friends. Yes, here there is Slottsskogen but it is not quite the same. It is the atmosphere pace of my hometown that I miss.

And what about you? You certainly also have some stories and some things you really miss a lot from home? Please share them with us if you want.