Misi Review: Vino Tapas

2011-11-07. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

Dear students,

I bet you have wondered around the Handels, GU and the Haga areas looking for some good lunch resturants. There's plenty of alternatives around there but sometimes it's not that easy to find a really good place. Therefore in the first Misi review of the year i will show recommend one of my favorite lunch places in Gothenburg; Vino Tapas!

Vino Tapas is a small spanish inspired resturant right by Övrehusaregatan behind Handels and a bit above GU at Sprängkullegatan.  The interior of Vino Tapas is very elegant, it looks bit glamorous with the white and black theme and the cosy table lights. It makes the hectic and stressful day go away for a short while and just enjoy a nice lunch with your friends. However it's still the nice food that attracts the crowd to Vino Tapas.

Vino Tapas has a great lunch offer, for 69kr you get to choose one of three dishes of the day,a nice sallad bar buffet and unlimited delicious homemade bread. At Vino Tapas the lunch dishes varies everyday, however the main type of cuisine is gourmé pasta and some more elegant Swedish cuisine such as; toasted salmon, grilled ribbs with haricot vert, biff fillet, ceasarsallads and much more. The sallad bar contains a couple types of different sallad mixes, from pasta/sallad, onions, potato sallad to couscous and bean mix sallads. The bread that i highly talk about, is a salty fresh baked bread with leeks. Sometimes you just want to grabb that breadbasket home for the week, ;)

To end the nice lunch, there's also coffe included in the 69kr, and on fridays it's sweets day and you also get some kinds of cakes or candy to go with your coffée. The coffee gives you a great lift and makes you efficient throughout the rest of the day after a nice lunch.

Eventhough 69kr can be very expensive if you very often, however go treat yourself somtimes with your friends is always nice ;)

A tips for all students! Please go there a bit earlier to 12.00 otherwise it gets very crowded and it might be hard to get places to sit if you are with many friends.

Have a nice lunch!

// Yining Misi.se 2011