Misi Review: Toscana Ristorante Italiano

2011-03-16. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

Dear Students, amid the gloomy weather and aside from the constant bar rounds around Avenyn, why not go and enjoy a nice dinner with good food and good drinks at a pleasant restaurant as an good alternative for successful night out.  However it might not be that easy to find a good dinner restaurant that is not too expensive, with great atmosphere and delicious food. However in this week’s Misi review we will review Toscana Ristorante Italiano  as a good alternative for a successful dinner time out with your friends.

Tosacana Ristorante Italiano as indicated in thier name is a genuine Italian resturant run by true Italians. It's located just behind the big SGS building in Kaserntorget, at Kungsgatan 7A. The restura

nt is very neatly desgined with a high roof, red brick walls and densed cosy lights. The dark tables and chairs with small lights adds to the same interior design, making the settling altogether romantic and relaxed.

When you first walk into the resturant, you get a very warm feeling for the surronuding and you are often greeted in Italian by the friendly owner who works there. Even though you might not speak Italian he still continues blending Swedish/English with Italian make one really feel like being in Italy for a short while.

The menu consists of a variety of traditional Italian cuisine such as pasta, pizza, and veal / sea dishes. The price range for the pastas and pizzas is around 130kr-150kr. For the veal/sea dishes the price range is around 250kr. They also have an extensive wine menu that offers a large variety of traditional Italian wines for the interested. The price for the wines varies greatly however for a standard wine of the house it's 50kr.

Personally I have tried some of the pastas such as the Linguini and Spaghetti allo Scoglio (like frutti dela mare) but my favorite is still the pizzas. The pizzas here are really delicious, with its a bit thicker buttered crust along with its fresh gourmet ingredients. One pizza to recommend for those who like to spicy it up is Divola. It’s a pizza with salami, mozzarella, onions, gorzonla cheese and red chili. (very nice)

In general, Toscana is a very nice and romantic restaurant with delicious Italian cuisine, the price range is reasonable and for around 200kr you can get a nice dinner and some wine. If you're tired of the parting bring your friends to Toscana, have fun and enjoy a pleasant dinner together!

Toscana Ristorane Italiano;

Adress: Kungsgatan 7A

Homepage: http://www.restaurangguiden.com/gbg/centrum/toscana/valkommen.aspx

// Yining Misi.se 2011