Misi Review: Thai Praycock, nice thai by GU and Handels!

2011-03-09. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

Alright students! This weeks Misi review goes back again to the good lunch resturants alternatives around the GU and handels areas. Last time i hoped you liked the Vino Tapas review and went there to experience the great food and the wonderful sallad buffe with the special homemade bread ;) However this week i'll introduce another real good lunch alternative if you like some more spicy culinary experience.

Thai Praycock is situated right by the 7-eleven on the way towards avenyn, it's easy to sometimes miss it since thier front windows and the brandlight is now a good representation of what you can find it. However the banner is displayed in a yellow highlighted text on a light billboard. The lunch alternative at Thai Praycock includes a four different dishes of Thai food, Depending on your indivual preferences, you can choose to try a vareity of traditional thai dishes, such as Phat thai (rice noodles with chicken), Khao phat (coconut strong sauce chicken), Kaeng khiao wan(Green curry, biff with Thai basil) etc. The thai dishes are fresh and for my own experience if you like stronger thai food, here's the place to be. Their Phat thai is always a crowd favorite.

The price for the lunch is 69kr, and it includes soda, sallad and coffee. However the sallad here are pretty basic not as good and with the variety as Vino Tapas. The interior of Thai Praycock is pretty easy, nothing fancy but still a very cosy atmosphere. It's usually not as crowded as Vino Tapas so that you can enjoy a calm lunch with your friends. Another positive thing is that you get your food very fast, since they prepare most of it from the morning.

The staff here is also very nice ;) they are very friendly and come from Thailand. It's a small family buisness and interact often with their client when they have time.

Have a good time there and i hope you like the taste ;)

// Yining Misi.se 2011