MISI Review: Christmas at Liseberg!

2010-11-24. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

As Christmas is soon approaching, the whole Gothenburg is turning more and more into "The Christmas City". The Christmas illuminations and store decorations lights up the city in the midst of the darkness, welcoming the Christmas holidays with open arms. However a central attraction during the Christmas period has always been the beautiful Christmas market now opens in Liseberg!

Liseberg as all know is Sweden’s largest amusement park located here in Gothenburg. During the spring-summer time thousands of tourists from all over Sweden visits Liseberg to enjoy the fast and fancy rides in the park, but then it is closed during the winter period. However since 2000 Liseberg has reopened again during the Christmas celebration periods and nowadays Christmas at Liseberg is a perennial visit for everyone living around the Gothenburg area.

Christmas at Liseberg is mainly open during evenings from 15.00-21.00 o'clock. During Christmas at Liseberg, the entire park is re-designed with a variety of Christmas lights and decorations. In the evenings, when the lights are on the park is amazingly beautiful with all the attractions remade into a Christmas theme.  The Christmas markets inside Liseberg are considered one of the largest Christmas markets in Sweden and offer a large variety of custom goods and delicacies. There is also a skate and ski park where one can rent equipments and try on the winter sports. This year there will also be an ice sculpture exhibitions at the end of the park. As usual there are always a large number of different games that you can play and aim to win the big prizes. During certain specific dates there will also be a variety of shows and artist who will come and entertain the crowd.

Nevertheless, despite all the various available activities inside Christmas at Liseberg, for me the beautiful decorations, the large crowds and the nice Christmas music accompaigned all over the park, create a very relaxed and enjoyable Christmas atmosphere. In Swedish we call it "Julstämmning".

Therefore Christmas at Liseberg is a must see for international students and one of the biggest attractions in Gothenburg during Christmas time!

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Have a good time!

// Yining Wang Misi.se 2010