Misi Review: Lunch at Gothenburg Opera

2011-11-01. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

opera Hey Students!

Most likely all students know about the Gothenburg Opera by now. Just as me probably most students have never been inside the opera house. Since opera is really expensive to enjoy this high end entertainment and opera might not be so appealing to younger generations. However the Gothenburg Opera house is really famous in Sweden and the design of the opera is very unique.

So how can we students enjoy this cool atmosphere without paying too much money on a thing that might not brings us enough value?

My answer to the question is go to the opera during the day and have lunch in their restaurant!

Last week my friend insisted to go to the opera for lunch, after some debating he won and we went there. The outcome was awesome! The interior parts of the opera are really fancy, customers as well as waiters were all very properly dressed and reception was really nice.

The restaurant is located right by the river so one could enjoy a great calm view while having a nice lunch.

The lunch menu varies each week but is always accompanied with a salad buffet, fruits and coffee. The price for the lunch and this experience inside Gothenburg’s Opera house: 99kr

It was definitely worth it ;)

But before you go! You must book your table here and dress properly : )

Have a good time!

//Yining Wang Misi.se