The Native: Late for Halloween?

2010-10-28. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Handels

Halloween shopsEDITORS NOTE: With Halloween coming up, I imagine some of you are in the market for a nice looking Halloween costume. Having bought several costumes at a costume sale at the opera house a couple of years ago, I have not had to buy or rent anything for Halloween in quite a few years, so I am not really up to date with the best places to visit. Let us therefore see what Andrea, who wrote for last year, has to say on the subject.

Late for Halloween

If you are late, just like me to figure out what to wear on the Halloween party, these are the stores where you can find the perfect accessories or the whole outfit.

A quite tiny store which these days are crowded! They got everything from presents, dress up clothes, theater make up and practical joke tools.
Check out the map here Korsgatan 11

They have a lot of dress up accessories, clothes and party decorations and sometimes I think that they are better than Buttriks but you can go and check out yourself, it's really close to Buttriks. Kyrkogatan 25

This is a toy store but they go with the flow and follow the Halloween theme. They have things mainly for children but you can always find accessories like fake teeth or fairy wings. BR has two stores in Gothenburg Kungsgatan 53 or in Nordstan.

If you still haven't found anything to wear, check out H&M's child department or Myrorna second hand who might have some old clothes that you can remake (but it is quite little time left!)

Good luck and have a fun Halloween!!!

/Andrea, team 09