Paddan a Gothenburg Classic

2010-08-28. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

u.3656669560.s0.k380For more than 60 years, the historical sightseeing boat Paddan has showed milions of tourist our Gothenburg. Nowadays Padden is so famous that it has become a synonym with Gothenburg and a must do for all foreign and domestic visitors, who travels to Gothenburg.

Going under 20 bridges and out into the harbor. The classic city tour with Paddan shows off the beauty of Gothenburg from the water. The tour starts at the center of the city in Kungsportsplatsen, where it takes around the old moat and canals that date from the 1600s and tells the old story the history of the Gothenburg's construction and defence.  The tour continues under the many low bridges, including the Osthyveln. You'll see the fascinating port with traditional shipyards, harbor, new and old housing, expanding commercial and educational areas and the maritime museum.

The guides on the Paddan tells the history of Gothenburg and it's modern situation, goals and vision. This 50 min ride takes you through the parts of Gothenburg that you might have passed by many times, but conveys the area in a different perspective that makes each part of Gothenburg much more appreciated than usual.

To wrap up your stay in Gothenburg and if you still haven't taken the Paddan sightseeing boat, a sign that you most probably have passed a great number of of times, don't hesitate, just go to Kungsportsplatsen and wait patiently for the next ride ;)

Enjoy the best of Gothenburg before it's too late!

Extra infobox:

Price: 140 kr /person

Length: 50 min

Departures: Every 15 min from Kungsportsplatsen

// Yining Misi team 2010