Life in Gothenburg: Canoeing in Gothenburg’s Delsjön

2010-08-22. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining

femmans1At last the summer has suddenly hit Gothenburg! For many foreign visitors they always tend to visit Avenue, archepelagos and Liseberg while touristing here in Gothenburg during. However one of the hidden secrets of  Gothenburg is as we earlier mentioned Canoeing in Delsjön (the largest lake in Gothenburg). This weekend since the weather was really nice me and my friend went to Delsjön to for the first time, to take on the Canoeing Experience ;)

Delsjön is situated towards the southeast part of Gothenburg. To get there we took the tram nr 5 from Brunnsparken to the stop Welandergatan. Delsjön is located in the forested areas, unless you have a car, there's is not a straight way transportation to the lake. After leaving the tram, walk towards the hill where you can see signs of Lisebergs camping area. From there walk straight up the small hill until you find a health center called Skatås Gym & Motions Center. This walk to the motion takes about 10 min walk. After arriving at Skatås motion center, the best way is to ask in the reception area for the following way to Delsjön's Canoeing spot. Since one has to take a couple of turns before arriving in front of the beautiful lake ;) It should take around 20min further to get from Skatås to Delsjön Canoeing club.

While arriving in front of Delsjön, you can see the beautiful lake view and the forest that surrounds it. When the weather is good you can hear the birds twittering and the splash sounds of swedish people taking a dip in the lake. A true Swedish experience ;)

However from there you can hire a canoe for 2 hours it costs 100kr for 4hrs its 200kr and for day it costs 250kr. Each canoe can take up to three person. Along with the canoe you also get the life jacket and paddle. The club is opened from 5 June to 22 August 2010 at. 10:00 to 20:00 and Weekends: May 1-June 1 & August 28 to October 31 at. 11:00 to 18:00. Must sure that you bring a valid identification certificate and cash in order to rent the canoe.  As another criteria to rent, one must know how to swim. Since it's pretty easy to capsize a canoe.

After getting on the canoe just feel the soft winds and current, the warm sun and the beautiful nature around you. In two hours you should be able to paddle around the hole lake and make a brief stop somewhere along the cost.

Paddling in Delsjön is a great summer experience and don't miss out on the opportunity before the weather starts to get cold again!

femman_starten_400Extra infobox:

  • Gothenburgs paddling club:

  • Time: Weekdays 5 June to 22 August 2010 at. 10:00 to 20:00 andWeekends: May 1-June 1 & August  28 to October 31 at. 11:00 to 18:00

  • Transportation: Tram nr 5 to Welandergatan & 30min walk

  • Telefon nr to Gothenburgs paddling club: 031 - 40 34 88 (Give them a call in advance so that the canoes are not already rented out for the day)

  • Other considerations: Bring your ID and use only cash to pay for the canoe rent. You must be able to swim!!

Have a fun day out in Delsjön!

// Yining Misi team 2010