FestU and Erasmus parties, experienced by an Erasmus student

2010-08-23. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sanna

Spring partyWeekend |‘wek,end|-the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, esp.regarded as a time for leisure. This weekend exactly fit the definition of the word. Everyone has done his/ her exam and has had nothing to care. Needless to say, what everyone did was partying. As we had announced in the last week, two big events took place in Gothenburg, Erasmus SPRING party and FestU spring break party. I do not compare the both parties, because both provided us with fantastic time and experience in different ways.

At 11o’clock on Friday, unlike the previous situation, the waiting time has highly shortened and we could enter the inside without queuing long time. Though it was not so crowded when we arrived, it was almost full at midnight. Three different dance floors created own atmosphere, all happy face of audience seemed to have shown their
enjoyment. What I like in Erasmus party the most is that I could always meet the people whom I have not met for long time. For instance, persons I haven’t met since the beginning of the last semester, persons who visit Gothenburg only for vacation and so on. Since those kind of meeting hardly happen, I appreciate these opportunities given in Erasmus party.

The first FestU of this semester was really great. Although we could not see all the various floors they have, we had so much fun in one room which had a huge trampoline and dash and touch (I invented the word). First, we enjoyed jumping on the trampoline as if we became children again. I have actually never expected that I could have such a funny experience that I have done in childhood! And then the next attraction was so exciting that I got out of breath. I could not find what that attraction is called. I put the instrument with thick rope on my back (on the fancy party dress) and tried to run as far as I could. The rope pulled me strongly and prevented me from reaching
further position. Though I lost against my friend all three try, it was really fun! After the party, the hand made humburgers which they sell outside every time were good for staving off my hunger.

From those fantastic experience in this weekend, I recommend you to come next Erasmus party and FestU!

/ Mai, Misi.se student blogger, 2010