City Beat: May Day

2012-05-01. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sera

After all the celebrations, parades and bon fires on Valborgsafton (April 30th), there is another important date coming up: Första maj – May Day or also called International Workers’ Day.

As the name suggests this is an important date to remind about the Working Class Movement. Especially left-wing parties use this day to demonstrate, hold speeches and inform the public about their party programme. As in many other countries the first of May is a public holiday in Sweden. Unfortunately, in this year the first of May holiday falls on a Sunday.

What happens in Gothenburg?

As many other years before there will be a demonstration and other activities starting at 1pm at Olof-Palme-Plats (close to Järntorget). This place is a fitting location for the demonstrations because is named after an important former Prime Minister from the Socialdemocratic Party. This Party is right now Sweden’s second largest party and was for many years in charge. From Olof-Palme-Plats, the demonstrants will move to Götaplatsen where this year’s key speech will be hold by Leif Pagrotsky.

Västtrafik informs that there will be no traffic on Avenyn and Vasagatan between 1pm and 5pm. Some of the trams and buses will therefore not be running at all or have a changed route. Please check Västtrafik’s website for further information about your tram's timetable.