City Beat: 11/11/11

2011-11-10. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Sarah

Not often there is such an easy to remember date as this Friday: it is 11/11/11 And because it is so nice, it should also be celebrated! In Gothenburg’s city centre, between Domkyrkan and Kungsportsplatsen, there will be some celebration on Friday. First of all, you can celebrate with 11 couples that will get married in Domkyrkan at exactly 11:11 am. But there is even more going on. There will be four fashion shows, a photo exhibition, some music and a gigantic cake.

Kungsgatan, one of Gothenburg’s main shopping streets, will be re-opened after all the construction works. That is why there will a 600 metres long cake presented on Kungsgatan. From 3 pm onwards you can step by, take a look at probably the longest cake you have ever seen and, of course, try a piece. Especially if your Fika normally only consists of coffee and sometimes a Kanelbulle, you should take this chance and try a piece of Princesstårta. But it won’t be a traditional Princesstårta (you know the green big creamy cake) because the cake will be in Gothenburg’s colours, that means yellow, blue and white. Let me give you some more facts about the cake:

- 600 metres long
- 2,2 tons of weight
- 800 litres cream
- 200 litres of raspberry jam
- 840 kg marzipan
- 600 kg vanilla cream
- About 300 working hours invested
- 4 Gothenburg-based bakeries included
- About 15 000 pieces of cake

Enjoy 11/11/11!

/Sarah, Team 2011