MISI Review: Cafes with free wireless internet

2010-11-10. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by yining


Hey all students, hope you have been able to enjoy Sweden even if you are not used to the cold weather yet! Here's a small guide with cafes with free wireless internet if the Internet connection in your apartment doesn't work. Visting an Internet café is also a very relaxed but efficient way of studying, especially when you are doing a group project ;).

If you like your computer time with a side serving of a cappuccino and chocolate cake, we recommend a trip to one of Gothenburg's cafés that offer free wireless internet connection. Below are some of the better options:

Blue Mountain Café (Skanstorget 4) has large tables that easily fit both laptops and coffee cups, a decent connection speed and many power points.

Café Java (Vasagatan 23) has big tables, fast connection, and many power points. The only negatives are bad light, and loud guests.

Condeco (Fredsgatan 14) has a fast connection, but small tables and only a few power points.

Café Tintin (Engelbrektsgatan 52) has big tables, but fewer power points, and varying connection quality

Kaffemoster (Linnégatan 62) and Cello Café (Andra Långgatan) have good enough Internet connections but few power points, and pretty bad light.

Best Regards

Yining Misi.se 2010