The Native: Favourite photo spots in Gothenburg

2011-09-12. Published in Life in Gothenburg
by Nils Pasi

Photo taken in Copenhagen, 2010. From Misc, 2011

I have two favourites photo spots in Gothenburg where I take the majority of all my photos. Actually, there's a third place as well, but although I take a great many photos there, I'm seldom happy with the outcome. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad spot for photos to be taken, but rather reflects a weakness in my amateur photography skills. But then, I've always found pure nature photography very challenging. As a photographer, you're supposed to find a subject, something to catch the eyes of the viewer, but that can be very difficult in nature landscape photography. For me it's much easier when there is a clear subject for me to focus on, thus my preference for these two other places.

The Harbour – My number 1 favourite:
Stretching from the ferry stop at Klippan, past Röda Sten (Eng.: 'Red Stone') and all the way down for pretty much as long as you want to go is my number one favourite hunting-ground for good photo opportunities. Piers, wharfs and jetties, all sorts of boats and sailing vessels, old factories, warehouses and majestic buildings from a previous era, cliffs and hidden beaches, a beautiful bridge reminiscent of the world famous Golden Gate bridge in San Fransisco, and across the channel, the ships, docks and huge cranes to load and unload some of the world's largest container ships – regardless of your mood, there's simply always something there to catch your interest. Best of all, it's easy to find well-defined subjects for your photographs!

Apart from taking photographs, I often stroll along the waterfront with a friend of mine, enjoying one of few really quiet and peaceful places in Gothenburg with an atmosphere of somewhere where time has stood still or at least moved very slowly for the last 60 or so years. It is definitely one of the, if not the ultimate, favourite places of mine in all of Gothenburg.

Boat close to Röda Sten. Älvsborgsbron. From Misc, 2011

Slottsskogen – My number 2 favourite:
Slottsskogen is Gothenburg's largest park. It's very centrally located, and although there are lots of opportunities for landscape photography in Slottsskogen, there are also a great many interesting features and objects to make into photo subjects. For instance, the old cottages are always a happy subject to work with. I forget how old they are now, but I think definitely more than 150 years.

Old cottage in Slottsskogen. Peacock in Slottsskogen. From Misc, 2011

If old cottages are not to your liking, there are the animals. In the small zoo-ish area, there are Swedish moose, peacocks, different species of deer, horses, a great many birds, as well as common seal and penguins. Animals are always very fun to watch and capture on digital memory cards (or film, if you prefer). There are also a couple of animals, such as deer and, I have been informed, badgers living wild in Slottsskogen, although given the size of the park and the number of daily visitors, I'd hesitate to call them 'wild' in the truest sense of the word.

Änggårdsbergen – My number 3 favourite:
Änggårdsbergen is huge, and in connection with it you have the large botanical gardens of Gothenburg. The latter is probably a very good place to take photos during late spring and early summer, when all the flowers are in bloom, but due to me being allergic to pollen, I try to avoid going there during that time of the year. I've had it on good authority that it is also a good place for 花見 (hanami – watching the cherry blossoms). Since I've already in the first paragraph digressed to the degree that I'm not even writing about the topic anymore, I think it's time to finish this paragraph and begin another, more focussed one instead.

Änggårdsbergen is, as I said, huge. It's a nature reserve rich in lakes, with large forested areas and wetlands, as well as heather heaths, the latter of which were once very common around this part of Sweden, but is now giving way to expanding forests. The heather, as I understand it, was apparently , among other things, used as a yarn dye. I have visited the whole nature reserve extensively over the years, as a friend of mine and I go orienteering there every summer, and there is a lot to of very beautiful scenery there. Several burial mounds dating back thousands of years can also be seen in the area, although it should be said that these are not uncommon along coast line and can hardly be considered unique to Änggårdsbergen.

Photo taken in Änggårdsbergen, 2011. From Misc, 2011

Borås Zoo – Also good, but expensive and outside of Gothenburg:
This is actually a fairly large zoo, perhaps the largest in Sweden (?). I noted earlier that I find it quite enjoyable to watch animals, and to take photos of them. Borås Zoo offers apple opportunities in that area. Furthermore, as fas as zoos go, with animals living in captivity and all that, Borås is not that bad. It is indeed quite large, and the animals typically have quite large enclosures as well, allowing for some limited roaming.

Photos taken at Borås Zoo, 2011. From Misc, 2011

Other places – My yet to be discovered favourite places:
Do you have any place you like to go for photographs? Please comment and share your favourite spots – I'd love to visit new places with great photo opportunities!

/Nils, Team 2011